Kristopher Bull Grand Valley Admissions

Kristopher Bull

Liberal Studies

Class Year:

Holland, Michigan, United States

Current Position and Employer:
Service Representative, Armstrong World Industries

What campus did you attend? What drew you to the liberal studies major there?
I attended the Holland Campus. Liberal studies allowed me to design the program I needed to fit my skills.

What did you like most about the program?
The format and the structure of the classes really allow people to have open dialogue with one another. So much of what I do in Armstrong has to do with communication. It is critical in today's business.

What was your emphasis area and how did you choose the courses to complete it?
Business leadership. Essentially, I tied in all the business classes I had taken with courses focusing on liberal science aspects, like visionary thinking and thinking outside of the box to find solutions. Being able to tie in business with the philosophy of such thinking is why I have been successful.

How did your liberal studies degree and emphasis area prepare you for your current career?
A liberal studies degree really builds confidence in individuals. I feel as though the liberal studies program is tailored to people who want to do different things, who don't want to just be a follower. It empowers students to go on their own path.

What post-graduation accomplishment are you especially proud of?
Last year I worked a full year in the company and had 45% growth in sales in this economy. As of today, for this year I have a 37% growth. I lead the nation in sales growth. To highlight that, they have expanded my role to cover Chicago, Northern Indiana, and all over Michigan. I'm proud of the responsibility and the support of the company.

Would you recommend a liberal studies major to prospective GVSU students? Why?
Yes, 100%. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to have more of an input in their education, anybody who really wants to refine their skills. This program helps you develop the skills that you already possess.

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