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Laker Athletics

Grand Valley earned first or second in the Directors Cup for being the best NCAA Division II athletic program in the nation for 11 straight years.

Grand Valley Admissions

Christina Choriatis

Class Year:

Rochester Hills, Michigan, United States

Film and Video

Why did you choose to attend Grand Valley?
I had heard about Grand Valley from a friend enrolled in the film program, and I honestly hadn't heard of any outstanding programs at other universities unless you went to a specialty program. Grand Valley really interested me because it has the film program and the liberal education that it's famous for. Plus, the campus is beautiful and I fell in love with it when I visited.

What do you like best about Grand Valley?
I like how close the campus is. It's not too large of a campus, and it's not too small; it's just the right size. It's a very welcoming campus and I feel very safe around it.

How have you benefited from Grand Valley's liberal education foundation?
As a film major, I looked at every general education class as a way to better my film career. If you take a psychology class, for example, what you learn you apply to film. My advisor told me that every class I take is a film class.

How will Grand Valley help you meet your future goals?
It is already giving me a very, very good education, and it's also giving me a lot of opportunities to get work for my career. A lot of the outside production work that I have done has been through school, such as my work for the Office of Student Life as the video editor. Grand Valley gives me a chance to find these opportunities and actually go with them.

How has Grand Valley's faculty made a difference in your college experience?
They have been fantastic. I look to a lot of my professors as my mentors, and as my friends as well. I work with them on a daily basis, and without them I wouldn't have gotten a lot of the opportunities I've had over the years here.

What advice would you give to prospective students?
You have to help each other out and work together and have camaraderie with each other, because you spend a lot of time together and should enjoy whom you are with. Also, get involved. As a freshman, make the most out of your time; don't just lie in your dorm.

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