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Sridhar Sundaram, D.B.A.

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Visa Information

If you are admitted, you will receive an admission letter as well as an immigration form, "I-20". You will take both of these documents along with your valid passport, the visa application fee and an original copy of your financial support papers to the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate for your "F-1" student visa interview. Remember to check with the embassy or consulate to see what the procedure is for setting up a visa appointment, so that you are prepared.

Visa Interview Tips:

1) Prepare in advance. Make sure all of your original documents are in order and ready to give to the embassy official if requested. Only give the embassy official the requested documents.

The two primary reasons that students are denied a student visa are:

a) Lack of sufficient and continuing financial support - You need to make sure you have an ORIGINAL bank statement that shows more than enough financial support.

b) The embassy official feels you are an intending immigrant to the U.S. - You need to have "ties" to your home country, giving you reason to return. Remember, it is the assumption of the officer that you are an "intending immigrant" and by way of the interview and your documents, you need to prove to them that your intention is to get an education and return home.

2) Dress well. If it looks like you don't care, the official will notice.

3) Speak clearly to the officer, look them in the eye, and answer all questions precisely. Hesitating or thinking about an answer may signal that you are unprepared for the interview or possibly not a serious student. Know why you chose the university, why you chose your major area of study, and also be prepared to tell what you feel you will do when you finish.

Give honest and thoughtful answers and your chances of an approved visa will improve significantly. However, in the rare case of a visa denial, you can contact the International Admissions Office at Grand Valley and we can assist in your appeal.

Good luck in your interview!

What is the SEVIS fee?

This is a mandatory $200 fee imposed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. If you will be applying for an F, J, or M non-immigrant visa, you must pay the SEVIS fee before going for your visa interview. You will be sent instructions with your admissions letter.

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