Brynhild Weihe Grand Valley Admissions

Brynhild Weihe

Faroe Islands, Denmark


Why did you choose to attend Grand Valley?
When I was 15 I applied to become an exchange student in America. I ended up in Zeeland, Michigan, which is 40 minutes away from here or so. I heard of Grand Valley and that it was a really good school.

How did Grand Valley aid you throughout your enrollment process?
I was able to call the Padnos International Center all the time. They helped me a lot. They were willing to answer all my questions.

What do you like best about Grand Valley?
I really like the art that's everywhere around campus, and I really love theatre. I love doing shows here and being a part of that community.

How has the Padnos International Center assisted you in adjusting to life in the United States?
The first week we were here we had an orientation week. They taught us what's normal in America and what's not so normal, what difficulties we might have to face.

How has Grand Valley's faculty made a difference in your college experience?
My theatre professors have helped me a lot. There aren't a lot of theatre majors, so we get really close with our professors, especially because they're the ones who direct our shows. They are very inspiring people.

What advice would you give to prospective international students?
The best advice that you can give an international student is to get involved in things. That's what I did with theatre and now all my best friends are theatre majors and a lot of times I forget I'm an international student because I just feel so at home.

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