Welcome to Grand Valley, Graduate Students!

Graduate students choose Grand Valley State University to further their education because they know the superb instruction, innovative research, and high-tech facilities will give them a competitive edge. Plus, they appreciate having The Graduate School's tailored attention and support. 

Grand Valley graduate students range from working professionals attending school part-time to full-time students living on campus. Despite their diverse backgrounds, all are focused on pursuing knowledge, developing new skills, and advancing in their careers — making student-to-student interaction and networking a very rewarding part of our graduate programs.

Watch Grand Valley Graduate student Ami Parke talk about the one-on-one support she received from the graduate faculty at GVSU.

To learn more about Grand Valley in general, explore some quick facts for a brief overview of what we're all about at GVSU.

To learn more about graduate studies at Grand Valley and how the Graduate School can assist you every step of the way, from getting admitted to graduating, visit the office’s website at gvsu.edu/gs

Watch graduate student Ayris Gonzales talk about the flexibility of Grand Valley's graduate programs and how her degree has made an impact on her career.

Page last modified March 1, 2021