How You Can Help to Recruit Future Lakers

If your future Laker is of high school age or younger, the following steps will help you guide them through their discovery of Grand Valley. The provided resources will give them the rest of the story.


Refer a Student

Do you know a future Laker? Please fill out this brief form to tell us more about them.


Fill out the referral form

Please fill out this brief form to tell us more about you and your prospective student. This begins the referral process.


Discuss the benefits of attending GVSU.

Our Quick Facts and Academic Programs pages are both fantastic ways to share the breadth and depth of GVSU without overwhelming them. Our Virtual Viewbook tells the GVSU story with photos, videos, and an interactive map of campus.

Step 3

Visit our campuses.

Visiting Grand Valley is the best way to experience it. We can provide the tools to help shape that experience in the form of our self-guided tour (for mobile devices only).

Step 4

Remind them to request information or apply.

If your future Laker is ready to begin, encouraging them to start the application process will go a long way. They can also request information to get on Grand Valley's mailing list.

GVSU alumni talks to a current GVSU student on the Allendale campus.

“One of the Best Universities in the Midwest.”



Watch GVSU photo and video content.

Our Virtual Viewbook is an excellent way to show a potential student what GVSU has to offer. It is loaded with photos, videos, and an interactive tour of our campuses.

Explore Grand Valley's campuses at home.

Encouraging potential students to visit Grand Valley is the best way to get them to enroll. Our interactive campus map is the next best thing. They can become more familiar with Grand Valley's campuses, facilities, and communities without leaving their home. When they are ready to visit in person, our self-guided tour will help them navigate on their phone or tablet without a guide.

Watch and share this brief video with them to introduce these useful tools.

Find the perfect program.

Our academic programs page is the best way to share the breadth and depth of Grand Valley's offerings. You'll find a summary of each program, what makes them special, and more.

GVSU facts and talking points.

Our quick facts page is the place to get general GVSU talking points. From fun facts to tuition information, this page is a wonderful summary of GVSU.

Join Us!

Events are a great way to introduce someone to Grand Valley. Stay updated with our calendar of events.

Buy athletic event tickets.

Buy Music, Theatre, & Dance tickets.


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