Joining Act on Racism


Because AoR deals with sensitive topics, individuals interested in joining must fit at least of the following requirements:

1. A student must have completed or is in the process of completing Professor Jennifer Stewart's  SOC-382: Race & Ethnicity course.

2. A student must have been referred by a current member of AoR or a faculty member.

Those who fit the above qualifications may email with a letter of interest. In this letter, please specify the requirements you have met.

Those who do not fit the above requirements may email a letter of interest to with strong support as to why they would be a valuable member to AoR. Please note, requests may be granted or denied based on experiences, education, and sensitivity of the topics of race and ethnicity.

Please note that Act on Racism (AoR) is not a recognized Grand Valley State University student organization and is not searchable on OrgSync. 




Page last modified November 4, 2013