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Jennifer Stewart, Ph.D.

Jennifer Stewart received her Ph.D. in May 2000 from the University of South Carolina. Her dissertation focused on racial and ethnic variation in academic achievement, educational attainment, and earnings. 

Dr. Stewart's current research and teaching interests are in the areas of race and ethnicity, social psychology, and social stratification.  

Dr. Stewart helped found Act on Racism through her Sociology 372 course entitled "Race and Ethnicity." Toward the end of of this class, Dr. Stewart has her students write a paper that incorporates an "act of resistance." As she explains it, an "act of resistance" is a courageous act of justice that challenges the perpetrator of a social injustice or a situation that causes others to be in oppressive systems. The acts of resistance are stories of Grand Valley students who dared to be engaged bystanders and challenged wrongful situations.

Dr. Stewart wanted to utilize these acts of resistance in order to confront issues of racial prejudice and discrimination. 

Dr. Stewart is currently employed at Grand Valley State University and continues to find stories that inspires action against the multiple faucets of racism.

Office: 1101 ASH
Phone: 331-2168 Email: stewarje@gvsu.edu


Jennifer Stewart, Ph.D.

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