GVSU Applied Computing Insitute: Who We Are

ACI Logo on a computer screen

Since its inception, the GVSU Padnos College of Engineering and Computing (PCEC) has worked closely with industry partners to provide experiential learning within its degree programs. The School of Computing’s mandatory internship and industry sponsored capstone course have attracted participation from some of the largest technology companies in the U.S.A.  Similarly, the School of Engineering has one of the strongest mandatory undergraduate engineering cooperative education (co-op) programs in the nation.  At the graduate level, PCEC has introduced an Industry Sponsored Graduate Fellowship Program that has been instrumental in recruiting a number of talented full-time graduate students into its various graduate degree programs. These high-impact experiential learning opportunities are natural fit for reinforcing concepts, knowledge, and skills in an applied work setting, resulting in tangible benefits to the student, the employer, the faculty and GVSU.

The GVSU Applied Computing Institute is based upon well-established PCEC competencies in computing, experiential learning, and industry collaboration with the aim of further enriching learning opportunities for GVSU students, while simultaneously providing key industry partners access to faculty and student expertise in computer science and related disciplines.

Page last modified September 6, 2022