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ACI launches Cyber Threat Range in partnership with MiCTRA

November 30, 2022

ACI launches Cyber Threat Range in partnership with MiCTRA

Grand Valley State University’s Applied Computing Institute is excited to announce a new partnership with the Michigan Cyber Threat Response Alliance (MiCTRA). Mark Tellier, former Chief of Army Staff for the Michigan National Guard, and cybersecurity expert, founded MiCTRA. MiCTRA sought to establish a relationship with GVSU’s ACI as a natural and necessary partner to help achieve its critical mission to:

“Construct and educate the next generation of cyber warriors to serve in the network security industry protecting private, public, federal, state, local, and tribal sectors data and information by collaborating with law enforcement agencies and academia; leveraging cross-sector resources and effectively analyzing critical, real-time actionable intelligence and responding to Advanced Persistent Threats here in Michigan.”

GVSU will be working alongside MiCTRA and national partners, to host a cutting-edge Cyber Threat Range. Beginning in January of 2023, the Cyber Threat Range will be located in downtown Grand Rapids on GVSU’s Health Campus; providing students, faculty, and industry partners with access to real-world opportunities to develop and hone cybersecurity skills in a safe, controlled, sandbox environment. There will be over ten real-world threat environments (attack boxes) ready on day one for users to engage directly.

Isaac Beasley, a current GVSU graduate student studying cybersecurity and an ACI graduate assistant had this say, “The Cyber Threat Range is a resource I’ve always dreamed of having at GVSU. Having this resource to test my cybersecurity skills on real-world threats, while being legal and ethical, is incredible.”

The Cyber Threat Range is just one part of a multi-part strategy for GVSU to increase essential learning opportunities for students in cybersecurity, thereby helping meet the needs of local and national employers for qualified, experienced cybersecurity graduates. 

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