Requesting Documentation

After the completion of the AEW or MEW Workshop, students may request documentation of attendance.

Documentation Provided: Students may request a standardized letter that meets most court requirements. This letter is the extent of what will be provided. Students are responsible for verifying that both the course and the documentation will meet the needs of their probation officer, lawyer, judge, etc.

Time Requirements: Documentation will be processed within 10 business days after a request is received depending on how the letter is requested and received (see below).

Fee: $10 will be charged for each letter, including replacement letters. Payment must be received before the letter will be released.

Delivery Method of Letter:  Courts generally accept only an original signed copy of our verification letter, no faxed or scanned documents.  We recommend that students pick up an original letter or have an original document mailed to them. If a student requests a faxed or scanned copy, it is their responsibility to make sure that document will meet the necessary requirements. If an original copy has to be produced due to an electronic version not meeting requirements, there will be an additional fee and time associated with producing it.

How to request documentation:

In-Person/On-Campus (3 business days)

  1. Students may come to the ACES/UCC office and speak to a staff member at the front desk.
  2. Complete the necessary request form and make the required payment.
  3. Bring your receipt back to the front desk. Your letter will be ready for pick-up in 3 business days.
  4. Pick-up: You will need to bring a photo ID to pick-up your letter (GVSU ID or Government Issued ID only).

Off-Campus/Long Distance Request (Plan for 10 business days minimum)

  1. Call the ACES Office (616-331-2537) or UCC (616-331-3266) and state that you wish to request an AEW or MEW group completion letter.
  2. You will need to provide your name, G#, and phone # when making the request.
  3. Most likely, you will need to leave a message for an ACES staff member who can verify attendance records. You will receive a call back generally within 2 business days to let you know that your attendance has been verified and that a letter can be written.
  4. If attendance verification can be made, a staff member will send you a Release of Information form via your request of email, fax, or mail.
  5. The Release of Information form along with your payment must be received at the UCC before a letter is released.
  6. Once received, a signed letter will be generated and sent to you. It is recommended that the letter is mailed to you so you have an original signed copy for your files (see above – Delivery Method of Letter) but will be sent using the method you request. It is your responsibility to verify that the documentation has arrived prior to the deadline.