Marijuana Education Workshop (MEW)

What is a Marijuana Workshop?

This is an educational, two-hour workshop focused on responsible and safe marijuana use. This workshop is designed to provide education to students following their first university marijuana policy violation. Students must attend the entire two-hour workshop in order to meet the requirements of the university sanction.

 If a student needs documentation to meet court requirements, ACES staff will provide a letter verifying attendance.  The documentation fee is $10 per letter and takes three business days to prepare.  The student is responsible to make sure this letter meets the needs of their probation officer, judge, or lawyers.


Please use your GVSU User ID & Password for Registration

Register for a Marijuana Education Workshop

Request Documentation   

Would like to sign up for an MEW for education or personal concerns?

If you have NOT been referred by Housing, the Dean of Students or GVPD, but you feel you would benefit from an MEW, please file a referral in Advocate.

Please note: 

  • Once you file this referral, you will receive a letter from the Dean of Students instructing you how to sign up for a workshop.  
  • Allow  2-3 business days for your request to join a workshop to be processed. Note: you are not confirmed to attend a workshop until you have received the confirmation email with date, time, and location.
  • Begin the registration process early; workshops can fill up quickly. It may be a week or more before you can be placed into a group.
  • Once you complete a workshop, please allow for 3 business days after you request documentation of attendance to be completed for off-campus entities.