Alcohol and Marijuana Workshops (AEW & MEW)

What is an Alcohol & Marijuana Workshop?

Alcohol and marijuana education workshops (AEW; MEW) are designed to provide alcohol and/or marijuana education to students following their first university offense.  On occasion, students may also use these educational programs to meet legal requirements. The ACES office will assist in a reasonable way to help students obtain verification of attendance at these programs for such requirements. However, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure the course content, duration, and documentation will meet the needs of their probation officer, lawyer, or judge.

After the completion of AEW or MEW, students may request documentation of attendance.

Request a Letter   

How do I sign up?

First Time Policy Violation

In addition to any other disciplinary or legal actions taken, students who violate the alcohol policy for the first time are referred to this alcohol education group. This is a one time only referral and cannot be later used again to qualify for any other similar requirements. This group may be used to fulfill certain court requirements. It is the students’ responsibility to check with the appropriate parties about this and to obtain any documentation that they attended the group. There will be a $10 fee for documentation proving that the student attended the group.  Requests for letters can be made at the University Counseling Center, Room 204 Student Services Building.

If you have received your first University Offense and have received a letter from the Dean of Students, please log in to Orgsync to schedule your  AEW or MEW 


Personal Concerns

If you have NOT been referred by Housing, the Dean of Students or GVPD, but you feel you would benefit from an AEW or MEW, please file a referral in Advocate.


Please note: 

  • Once you file this referral, you will receive a letter from the Dean of Students instructing you to sign up for a workshop via Orgsync. 
  • Allow  2-3 business days for your request to join a workshop to be processed. Note: you are not confirmed to attend a workshop until you have received the confirmation email with date, time, and location.
  • Begin the registration process early; workshops can fill up quickly. It may be a week or more before you can be placed into a group.
  • Once you complete a workshop, please allow for 3 business days after you request documentation of attendance to be completed for off-campus entities.

Page last modified January 24, 2018