ACES Peer Education

Peer educators promote the ACES mission of safe and responsible choices for the GVSU student body. They receive ongoing professional development on topics relevant to their needs, the needs of the ACES office, and the needs of the larger student body. Among other areas, they are trained in intervention strategies, listening skills, programming and presentation skills, multiculturalism, self-care, campus resources, and appropriate boundaries.

For more information contact Nicole Marganti at 616-331-3266 or

Peer Education Activities

Provide Outreach Programming: Educational and informational seminars can be provided to student groups and organizations. Interested in having our peer educators come to a meeting or event? Please fill out our outreach request form 

Participate in National Screening Day Efforts: In conjunction with the University Counseling Center, the ACES peer educators assist counseling staff with mental health screening, including Alcohol, Eating Disorder, and Depression. These events aim to increase student awareness of mental health concerns and available campus services. 

Represent ACES: Peer educators provide information about ACES and the UCC at campus-wide events.


2019-2020 ACES Peer Educators

19-20 ACES Peer Educators

Invite Peer Educators to your event

If you would like one of our peer educators to table your event (i.e. a peer ed will set up a table with ACES information and will answer any questions regarding the Alcohol (and other drugs) Campus Education office, during the duration of your event) please fill out the tabling request form and specify your interest in peer educators. 

ACES Outreach