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Intercultural Competence Badge

Intercultural competence refers to knowledge, skills, and personal attributes needed to live and work in a diverse world. This includes cultural sensitivity, intercultural communication skills, open personal and collective attitudes toward other cultures, and deep knowledge about other cultures.

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Program Overview

The intercultural competence (ITC) badge is available to both degree-seeking and nondegree-seeking students at all levels. With classes available in fully online, hybrid, and/or face-to-face formats, it is also open to busy professionals around the globe as well as those here at Grand Valley. The badge may be earned in as little as four to six months, enhancing your professional dossier and making you more competitive to prospective employers.

To earn the ITC badge, you are required to take a total of three courses, nine credits, starting with two required classes:

  • ITC 100: Introduction to Intercultural Competence
  • LIB 201: Diversity in the U.S.

And choosing from one of the following electives:

  • REL 100: Introduction to Religious Studies
  • GSI 201: Introduction to Global Studies
  • WGS 200: Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
  • AAS 200: Introduction to African American Studies
  • EAS 201: Introduction to East Asian Studies
  • MES 201: Introduction to Middle Eastern Studies
  • WGS 225: Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

Why Study Intercultural Competence at Grand Valley?

  • Degree-seeking students can complete the badge and still graduate within four years. Nondegree-seeking students can complete the ITC badge in one year or less.
  • Because it can be completed in a fully online format, it is available to professionals located anywhere across the region, country, or the globe who wish to enhance or build their credentials.
  • These are credentials that many employers and graduate programs actively seek. The badge is granted digitally via Acclaim.
  • This is a flexible program, customizable to meet professional goals, needs, and interests.
  • The badge can be completed fully through online, hybrid, or face-to-face classes.

To Get Started

To start earning your ITC badge, visit'>"> Faculty advisors can help you plan how to best fit earning a badge within your existing major and/or minor and/or busy work schedule.

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For More Information

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