Young Lords in Lincoln Park  Collection

“The Young Lords in Lincoln Park” collection conveys the ongoing struggle for fair housing, self-determination, and human rights that was launched by Mr. José “Cha-Cha” Jiménez, founder of the Young Lords Movement. In the 1960s the Young Lords brought out the question of self-determination for Puerto Rico on a mass, national level with the slogan, "Tengo Puerto Rico en mi corazon." This project is dedicated to documenting the history of the displacement of Puerto Ricans, Mejicanos, other Latinos, and the poor from Lincoln Park, as well as the history of the Young Lords nationwide. Recording, preserving, and making these memories accessible to teachers, researchers, and the community is the guiding aim of this project.

 Collection description

Highlights of this collection include more than 110 oral histories, historical photographs, papers, and clippings documenting the origins of the Young Lords Movement. Mr. Jiménez’s unpublished manuscripts from his campaign for alderman of Chicago’s 46th ward, founding of the Lincoln Park Camp, and KO Club as well as photos, documents, clippings, and related ephemera donated by other individuals who have been interviewed as part of this project are also included. 


Studs Terkel interview about Chicago Festival in Lincoln Park in 1969.

DePaul University Young Lords collection

Community Senior Oral Histories

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