Department of Writing

Writing for Publication or Performance

Writing for Publication or Performance

The purpose of submitting completed work in the context of a college course is to evaluate how well a student has internalized and represented the curriculum of that course. This component allows students the opportunity to go beyond the classroom and present their creative, critical, or professional work to a wider audience at the campus, local, regional, and national levels.

Performance and publishing signify an endpoint to the creative process, an interaction with the world beyond the classroom. This signifies a step towards thinking of oneself as a professional and participating in those activities that a working writer does.

Level A

  • Publish a substantial piece of writing in a regional or national market.
  • Present work at a regional or national conference.
  • Win the department Intro Awards contest.

Level B

  • Give a public reading of your own work.
  • Publish a substantial piece of writing in a campus market (e.g., Fishladder, In Writing, The Lanthorn).
  • Place in the GVSU Oldenburg Writing Contest.
  • Submit work or queries to four different markets: local, regional, or national (documented by editorial replies).
  • Read or display creative writing or scholarship at Student Scholarship Day.
  • Read/perform work on the radio or television.
  • Create a public poetry (or art, or performance) installation.
  • Maintain (and post at least weekly to) a professionally-slanted blog.
  • Attend and respond to at least four Writing department sponsored readings.
  • Attend and respond to at least five Student Reading Series events

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