Department of Writing

The Distinction in Writing Portfolio

The portfolio component of the Distinction in Writing program is meant to achieve four goals:

  • To help you document successful engagement with the program
  • To foster reflection on how participation in the program will contribute to the your professional and personal development
  • To give you a tangible product as a result of completing the programa product that might, in alternative form, serve as a job-seeking portfolio or application materials for graduate school
  • To give the department a means of recognizing and celebrating the achievements of its Distinction in Writing students and alumni

Portfolio Contents

Because the Distinction in Writing program is flexible, allowing you to participate in events and experiences that reflect your unique interests and talents, there is no standardized “look” or table of contents for the portfolio. It is up to you, in consultation with your advisor, to provide evidence of completion of the program by putting together a portfolio that meets these general guidelines:

1. The portfolio must include a resume/curriculum vita that reflects your engagement with the various components of the program. The resume might make mention of internships, volunteer commitments, descriptions of major projects, honors/awards, publications or presentations, or other Distinction in Writing-related work.

2. The portfolio must include a brief (no more than 2 single-spaced pages) reflection that introduces the artifacts included in the portfolio and describes the your engagement with the program:

  • The audience for this reflective narrative is the Writing Department generallyfaculty and students who are interested in learning more about participants’ engagement with the program.
  • The narrative should make clear which four program components you completed.

3. The portfolio must include a selection of between 4 and 8 artifacts that were generated during the your engagement with the four chosen components of the program.

  • These artifacts might include publications, internship projects, or journals or brief reflections about Distinction in Writing activities.
  • At least one artifact from each completed component of the program must be included in the portfolio.

 Portfolio Submission Guidelines

  • It is your responsibility to compile and keep track of the documents in the portfolio.
  • The portfolio is due to your advisor at the time the you apply for graduation through the Registrar’s office.
  • The portfolio will be read by the advisor to verify your successful completion of the Distinction in Writing Program. Another department advisor will review the portfolio. They may give you feedback and ask you to revise. Once the two faculty members sign off on the portfolio, the portfolio will then become a public document that may be read by other faculty and students in the Writing Department who are interested in learning about your experience.
  • When you graduate, the Writing Department will retain the portfolio for assessment and archival purposes. Thus, it is the responsibility of each student participating in the program to keep copies or extra originals of all artifacts submitted in the portfolio.

Page last modified August 17, 2014