National Science Foundation Award DBI-0922591

Acquisition of an Automated Genetic Analyzer for Interdisciplinary Research at GVSU

National Science Foundation Award DBI-0922591

Co-PIs Douglas H. Graham, Michael Henshaw, and Osman V. Patel


GVSU purchased an automated genetic analyzer and spectrophotometer for use in interdisciplinary faculty and student research and teaching in November, 2009.  The instrumentation is used by a number of faculty across a variety of biological disciplines including Molecular Ecology, Behavioral Ecology, Physiology, and Biomedical Science.  Immediate investigations include: 1) the role of hybridization in biological invasions, 2) the evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacteria, 3) physiological changes in altered gravity conditions that simulate life on the International Space Station, and 4) population genetics of cooperation and altruism in social insects. 


The instrumentation is housed in and managed by the Molecular Ecology Laboratory at AWRI.  Dustin Wcisel is the Honcho for the sequencing/genotyping services offered by the Molecular Ecology Laboratory.  Dustin’s primary roles are to manage and upkeep the instrument, train student and faculty users, run and analyze samples, and generally assist in troubleshooting molecular biology applications related to sequencing and genotyping for users.


Ultimately, this award enhances the research environment at GVSU by fostering and encouraging careers in science.  The instrumentation will heavily impact student training at GVSU, an undergraduate institution, by providing numerous research opportunities, experiences, and skills.  In addition, the instrumentation is incorporated into a number of courses in the Biology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, and Biomedical Sciences departments. 

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