Hannah Tavalire

I am currently undertaking a pilot study which compares the growth of three species of Myriophyllum across an environmental gradient that mimics two local lakes.  Through this study I hope to gain insight about the growth characteristics of different milfoil species and how to accurately measure and compare them.  This study will serve as a platform for the coming field season, during which I plan to conduct two common garden experiments with several lineages of M. heterophyllum (VLM- variable-leaf milfoil) that are invasive to the Northeastern United States.  I will also be conducting a survey of New England lakes where known VLM lineages occur to investigate whether local environmental conditions influence invasive characteristics of each lineage.  Using multiple approaches, I hope to determine whether the interspecific hybrid (M. heterophyllum x M. laxum) lineage is the most aggressive invader. 

Page last modified April 7, 2010