Folks in the Molecular Ecology/Thum Lab




Current lab members

Technician - Jeremy Newton

Graduate students - Syndell Parks, Lindsey-Ann Schullin, Jeff Pashnick (major adviser - Alex Nikitin)

Undergraduate students - Danielle Grimm, Andrew Pyman

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Graduate students

Undergraduate students


Some former lab members...

Thum Lab (March 2011)

Thum Lab (March 2011)

Front row, left to right: Patricia Phillips, Elizabeth LaRue, Heather Hayward

Back row, left to right: Matt Zuellig, Hannah Tavalire, Dustin Wcisel, Caleb James, and Ryan Thum

Background: White and Blue boat is AWRI's research, education, and outreach vessel "W.G. Jackson".  The camouflage boat behind it is Muskegon's LST 393.


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