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Graduate student Travis Ellens was recently awarded a Grand Valley State University Presidential Research Grant. This grant will be used for his thesis research- “Seasonal and Habitat-Specific Top-Down Effects of Macroconsumers in a Michigan Stream.” This grant will also allow Travis to present his results at the 2016 annual meeting of the Society for Freshwater Science.

Research Stream

Dr. Carl Ruetz and Andrya Whitten attended The Inn at Harbor Shore’s first annual Spring into Michigan celebration kick off on April 17, 2015 located in St. Joseph, MI. The event will run for six weeks featuring Michigan speakers, adventurers, authors, artists, and chefs. As part of the event, The Inn will be donating to the Annis Water Resources Institute for fisheries research.

Spring into Michigan

Dr. Carl Ruetz, Brianne Schmidke, and Andrya Whitten

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