Master of Science in Biology
Aquatic Sciences Emphasis


Students interested in pursuing an aquatic sciences emphasis within the Master of Science in Biology degree program at Grand Valley State University may do so at the Annis Water Resources Institute. These students can select a faculty member at AWRI as their major advisor or as committee members for their thesis research in the aquatic sciences. Broad areas of research at AWRI include aquatic ecology, hydrology, environmental chemistry, environmental toxicology, microbial ecology, aquatic molecular ecology, and fisheries ecology. Students are encouraged to contact individual faculty members to learn more about specific areas of research.


AWRI attracts highly motivated students from diverse backgrounds, all with an interest in pursuing advanced studies in aquatic science. Our nine faculty members have a passion for research and education and represent a broad spectrum of focus areas within aquatic science.


AWRI is housed in the Lake Michigan Center, which is located on the Muskegon Lake waterfront in Muskegon, Michigan. The Lake Michigan Center features a full analytical chemistry laboratory, research laboratories, experimental mesocosm tanks, a geospatial technologies information center, and a boat fleet that includes two research vessels as well as a variety of smaller boats including an electroshocking boat.


AWRI provides graduate students with unique opportunities for research in aquatic sciences. The collaborative spirit among the diverse faculty at AWRI stimulates student learning, promotes an interdisciplinary research environment, and promises a rewarding graduate experience.


Prospective graduate students are encouraged to begin their application process the year preceding their desired entry into the graduate program. For details, see the application information page.

Page last modified October 23, 2013