Current Graduate Students

Nicholas Albrecht

Advisor: Mark Luttenton
Research: Muskegon River juvenile steelhead survival and production
Deb Dila

Advisors: Bopi Biddanda
and Ryan Thum
Research: Microbial diversity and community composition along a land-to-lake gradient
Leon Gereaux

Advisor: Bopi Biddanda
Research: Earth's eyes: a time-series lake observatory for tracking ecosystem change

Bryan Giordano

Advisor: Mark Luttenton
Research: Au Sable River brown trout telemetry study

Brandon Harris

Advisor: Carl Ruetz
Research: Lake sturgeon in the Muskegon River, Michigan

Nicole Horne

Advisor: Bopi Biddanda
Research: Characterization of the structure and function of biofilm in the Biosand water filtration system

Syndell Parks

Advisor: Ryan Thum
Research: Evaluating the role of phytoene desaturase mutations in reduced fluridone sensitivity in watermilfoil

Lindsey Schulte

Advisor: Ryan Thum
Research: Herbicide resistance in hybrid watermilfoil

Meagan Sesselmann

Advisor: Jim McNair
Research: Estimating lake metabolism using the free water method and a 1-D hydrodynamic model

John Skutnik

Advisor: Kevin Strychar
Research: Identifying the effect of climate change on mesophotic scleractinian coral

James Smit

Advisor: Al Steinman
Research: Nutrient fluxes from sediment due to hydrologic reconnection and climate change

Michael Snider

Advisor: Bopi Biddanda
Research: Pigments and physiology of cyanobacterial mats that are analogs of early Earth

Sarah Stamann

Advisor: Rick Rediske
Research: Population dynamics and toxin production in Gloeotrichia echinulata

Jessica (Comben) Wesolek

Advisor: Carl Ruetz
Research: Genetic structure of yellow perch populations: drowned river mouths vs. Lake Michigan


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