AWRI Newsletter #48: November 2005

The 4th Biennial Lake Michigan: State of the Lake Conference was held November 2nd-3rd in Green Bay, WI. This meeting brings together scientists, elected officials, and stakeholders from throughout the Lake Michigan basin and beyond to discuss the most pressing issues facing our lake and its connecting water bodies. In many respects, this meeting was born and raised right here in Muskegon; Janet Vail, our education and outreach program coordinator at AWRI, was the primary person responsible for developing, organizing, and publicizing this conference. Thanks to her efforts, the first three conferences were held in Muskegon and hosted by AWRI. Largely due to her guidance and persistence, this meeting is now recognized as one of the top venues for presenting regional information. The success of this meeting is evidenced by the fact that other locations around the basin now clamber for the right to host it. Quite appropriately, Janet's efforts were recognized at the Opening Session of the Conference by this year's organizers. We, at AWRI, also applaud Janet for her efforts in making this Conference so successful, and hope that she will be able to bring it back to Muskegon in the not-too-distant future.

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