AWRI Newsletter #71: January 2008

New construction at the Annis Water Resources Institute is continuing, even amidst the snow and sub-freezing temperatures.  Thanks to two grants from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, obtained with the assistance of Congressman Pete Hoekstra, we have been busy with a number of building and renovation projects.

The first grant, which runs from 2005 through 2008, has resulted in: 1) the construction of a davit and small boat haul-out facility, which now enables us to deploy small boats directly from our site; 2) upgrades to the field station, including the installation of a new outer shell to the building and patches on its roof; and 3) the construction of a fence and electronic gate structure, which provides us with greater site security. 

The second grant, which runs from 2006 to 2009, is dedicated to the construction of a new boat storage building.  This 9-bay garage, which also includes a work shop, will enable us to move our vehicles and trailered boats out of the field station and into this new building.  Ultimately, our goal is to renovate the newly available space in the field station, and turn it into new labs and offices.  

This construction is part of our long-term facilities plan at AWRI.  We are very grateful to Congressman Hoekstra for his assistance in procurement of funding, AWRI's fleet captain Tony Fiore for his on-site help, and Karen Ingle from Facilities Planning for her project management.

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