AWRI Newsletter #67: August 2007

AWRI is reviewed every two years by an external Science Advisory Board (SAB).  This Board evaluates the productivity of AWRI faculty and staff, and provides us advice, direction, and constructive criticism.  Members of our SAB include the following prestigious scientists from throughout the region and country, and we are fortunate that they have agreed to participate in this critical process: Steve Brandt (NOAA-Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, chair); Carol Johnston (South Dakota State University); Gary Lamberti (University of Notre Dame); Peter Meier (University of Michigan); and Donald Scavia (Michigan Sea Grant/University of Michigan).  The SAB met on March 15 and 16, 2007 to review AWRI's activities during 2005 and 2006.  Among their key findings:

  • AWRI's science direction is good
  • AWRI's programs continue to grow and mature
  • AWRI's vessels and facilities are extremely well managed

 The SAB also provided recommendations for AWRI's growth and improvement as an Institute.  These include:

  • Develop a five-year science strategic plan
  • Develop a five-year facilities plan
  • Continue to promote collaborations with external Great Lakes partners

 We thank the members of our SAB for their service and assistance.  Their comments will be invaluable as AWRI continues to fulfill its mission to integrate research, education, and outreach to enhance and preserve freshwater resources.

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