AWRI Newsletter #22: September 2003

External funding is a critical element in the success of any university enterprise, and AWRI is no different. This funding helps stretch our base support from GVSU, and allows us to hire adjunct staff, pay for graduate student assistantships, and engage in projects that we might not otherwise be able to afford. Historically, AWRI has been very successful in attracting external funding, and September continues this tradition.

We are pleased to announce that Janet Vail, Rick Rediske, and Al Steinman all received word this month that their proposals were funded. This work involves education, outreach, and research, building on the three foundations of AWRI. In addition, a new endowment fund is being established at the Community Foundation for Muskegon County, which will support long-term monitoring of Muskegon Lake. Please read on for details on these initiatives, as well as the other exciting projects ongoing at AWRI.

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