AWRI Newsletter #25: December 2003

As we close out 2003, we can look back on what has been an incredibly productive and exciting year for AWRI. Our success in attracting internal and external funds, combined with our strategy to nurture and develop targeted areas of strength, have allowed AWRI to thrive despite difficult budget challenges. Just a few indicators of our success this past year include: 1) AWRI was awarded almost one million dollars in federal, state, and local grants and contracts; 2) we provided hands-on water resource training to over 6500 students and adults on AWRI's two vessels; 3) we initiated a graduate program with an emphasis in aquatic sciences; 4) AWRI conducted scientific studies on Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, White Lake, Muskegon Lake, Mona Lake, Spring Lake, Lake Macatawa, and numerous streams, tributaries, and wetlands throughout the Great Lakes region, providing critical information to resource managers, scientists, elected officials, and stakeholders; 5) we developed a natural resource atlas for the West Michigan Strategic Alliance; 6) AWRI staff served on numerous local, state, and federal committees providing scientific and technical advice; and 7) we disseminated our scientific findings and recommendations through newsletters, over 100 public presentations, and the scientific literature. Given the talent and dedication of the faculty and staff at AWRI, I have every confidence that 2004 will bring us continued success.

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