AWRI Newsletter #27: February 2004

The winter months find AWRI faculty and staff analyzing data, processing samples, finalizing reports, writing manuscripts, and getting our vessels ready for the upcoming field season. The D.J. Angus underwent extensive renovations during the 2002-2003 winter season, and improvements were made in her navigational instrumentation and sound system this past winter. Both the D.J. Angus and the W.G. Jackson are now running on a blend of biodiesel. This fuel is much more environmentally friendly than petrodiesel. We are grateful to Dr. William Jackson and the MI Department of Energy for their support of the biodiesel conversion project, to our fleet captain Tony Fiore for his hard work in maintaining the vessels and keeping them in exceptional shape, and to Dr. Janet Vail for her leadership in making the AWRI vessel program one of the finest on the Great Lakes. Our successful vessel program is a testimony to the hard work of our captains, deckhands, science instructors, and the generosity of our donors, who have the vision and wherewithal to ensure that future generations will be able to learn about, and experience first-hand, the wonders of the aquatic environment in our own backyard.

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