AWRI Newsletter #30: May 2004

Staff at the Annis Water Resources Institute held a retreat in March to 1) assess our progress in meeting the goals that we set at the previous retreat in February, 2002, and 2) chart out a strategic vision and plan for the future. We identified six key areas for the future, and have formed committees to address each of them. The issues that we considered most worthy of our attention include: 1) Should AWRI become an academic unit?; 2) Evaluating AWRI's role in the community; 3) Building AWRI's reputation and credibility; 4) Fostering more collaboration within GVSU; 5) Securing long-term funding; and 6) Maintaining and expanding current technology. Already staff have reported back their initial findings, and several innovative approaches have been discussed that will help us address these issues and meet our long-term goals. We will keep you updated on these approaches as they develop and mature.

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