AWRI Newsletter #32: July 2004

Historically, AWRI's two vessels have been used primarily for educational purposes. The W.G. Jackson, berthed in Muskegon, and the D.J. Angus, berthed in Grand Haven, operate almost full-time during the spring and fall, introducing 4th through 12th graders, as well as GVSU students, to the critical water-related issues facing west Michigan and the Great Lakes. An Institute goal is to get our vessels more engaged in research activities, to complement these educational cruises. We have been succeeding in this goal, as the Jackson is used for our long-term Muskegon Lake Monitoring program, and this month served as the platform for surveying the bottom of Muskegon Lake with University of Michigan's M-Rover (see story). The Angus has been involved in a Grand River plume study conducted by Peter Riemersma in GVSU's Geology Department and is also used to sample Spring Lake as part of AWRI's internal phosphorus loading study. Our latest addition is an 18' pontoon boat, which will allow us to sample inland lakes and drowned river mouth lakes with greater ease. Active research enhances our teaching efforts and makes classroom learning come alive, and we at AWRI place a high priority in excelling at both.

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