AWRI Newsletter #36: November 2004

The month of November closed with a bang for the Annis Water Resources Institute, as we received word that we were awarded a $500,000 grant from the federal government. We extend our gratitude to Congressman Pete Hoekstra for his efforts in helping to secure these funds. Pete has shown time and time again that he truly walks the walk when it comes to supporting both AWRI and those initiatives that deal with the health and integrity of the Great Lakes. These funds will be used to 1) upgrade our field station and develop plans for its long-term renovation; 2) expand our educational vessel program, allowing more students to take advantage of this unique, hands-on learning experience; and 3) initiate new research projects targeting the most pressing issues facing the Great Lakes. This funding complements the external grants that we compete for from a variety of local, state, and federal sources, and will allow us to expand existing programs and develop new ones. Ultimately, these dollars are essential in allowing us to reach our goals of providing educational and research opportunities for future generations, generating rigorous scientific information that can be used by elected officials and resource managers to make scientifically-defensible decisions regarding our precious natural resources, and helping stimulate economic development in the region.

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