AWRI Online Newsletter #77: July 2008

Parting words from Xuefeng Chu:

With mixed feelings, I am writing to announce that I have accepted a tenure-track faculty position at North Dakota State University. After obtaining my Ph.D. from the University of California at Davis in 2002, I joined the Annis Water Resources Institute as an assistant professor and research scientist. Over the past six years, I have witnessed the growth and success of AWRI: more staff members have joined the institute; more students have worked with the institute; more research grants have been awarded to the institute; and more peer-reviewed papers have been published by the institute& I look forward to a great future for AWRI.

During the past six years, I have been involved in a dozen research projects funded by federal and state government agencies and local foundations. I have collaborated with my colleagues and students at GVSU in these interdisciplinary research projects. We also have co-authored in a number of journal papers and conference presentations. Particularly, I received an NSF CAREER grant last year. This 5-year NSF funding really provides a great opportunity for me to conduct fundamental hydrologic studies on overland flow generation. It would not have been possible to develop a hydrology program and establish an overland flow laboratory without the help of my colleagues and students, and the support from the Institute, Dean's Office, Grants Administration, Padnos International Center, & I am especially grateful to Dr. Alan Steinman for his support during the whole process, from the application of this NSF grant to implementation of the research activities. Special thanks also go to Tony Fiore for building the overland flow laboratory. Undoubtedly, the six-year working experience at Grand Valley State University is invaluable to my personal and professional development. After leaving GVSU, I will continue working with some of my colleagues at AWRI in both research and student supervision. I also look forward to more collaboration opportunities in the future.

My family enjoys the life in Michigan very much. As Dean Frederick Antczak said, it can be an adventure to move to North Dakota for me and my family. We are looking forward to the new challenges.

Best wishes,

Xuefeng (Michael) Chu

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