AWRI Newsletter #34: September 2004

The start of the Fall Semester at GVSU reminds us that our new graduate program is now one year old. Students can now enroll for a Master of Science degree in the Biology Department with an emphasis in aquatic sciences. AWRI faculty teach different courses on a rotating basis. Last year, Al Steinman taught Emerging Issues in Water Resources, John Koches taught Advanced Watershed Ecology, and Don Uzarski taught Wetland Ecology. Fall Semester, Michael Chu is teaching Hydrology and Bopi Biddanda is teaching Ecosystem Biogeochemistry. In Winter Semester, Rick Rediske will be teaching Aquatic Toxicology while Carl Ruetz will teach Advanced Fisheries. Of course, in addition to these graduate courses, our faculty teach undergraduate courses as well, including limnology (Uzarski), fisheries biology (Ruetz), environmental sciences lab (Vail), and a new Honors College course in research methods (Rediske). Teaching these classes allows the AWRI faculty to bring their research findings directly into the classroom, making the subject matter more alive and relevant, which ultimately enhances the learning experience for our students.

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