AWRI Online Newsletter #68: September 2007

One of the benefits of working at the Annis Water Resources Institute is the opportunity to host scientists from other institutions.  This results in the exchange of exciting new ideas and also allows us to learn about new areas and cultures.  The National Science Foundation grant awarded to AWRI's Dr. Xuefeng (Michael) Chu this year has resulted in extended visits from two Chinese scientists.  Joining Dr. Chu to help with his project are Dr. Shifeng Zhang, Associate Professor of Hydrology, and Lili Mao, Research Scholar.

Dr. Zhang received his Bachelors of Engineering degree from Tsinghau University, his Master of Engineering degree from Wuhan University, and his Ph.D. from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).  His field of expertise is water resources and hydrology.  He has worked on research programs concerning the water problems in the north China region, including the Yellow and Haihe River basins.  He has experience in hydrological modeling research, water conservation in urban areas, and water cycle and water balance analyses.  He will collaborate with Dr. Chu on an indoor experiment on overland flow, studying the influence of precipitation and micro-topography on overland flow generation and confluence.  Dr. Zhang arrived at AWRI in August 2007 and will be here for approximately two months.

Lili Mao received her Bachelors degree from the China Agricultural University (CAU), majoring in Irrigation and Drainage Engineering.  She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at CAU studying at the College of Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering.  Her major is in Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering.  She will be working with Dr. Chu for the next two years thanks to sponsorships from the China Scholarship Council and Grand Valley State University.

We welcome Shifeng and Lili to AWRI and to GVSU.

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