AWRI Online Newsletter #75: May 2008

Students pictured: (back row, left to right) Paul Bourdon, James Barr, Tom Holcomb, Alex Wieten, and Ben Sanborn; (front row left to right) Tyler Armstrong, Autumn Trombka, Karen Ickes, and Maggie Weinert.

AWRI Summer Student Interns

One of the joys of summer at AWRI is the presence of students working on a variety of projects. This summer, we welcome 16 students, both new and returning, to the Institute. These students are funded by a variety of sources and will be working with different principal investigators.

Four interns are being funded through the D.J. Angus-Scientech Educational Foundation, a long-time sponsor of student internships at AWRI:  Ben Sanborn will be working with John Koches in the Information Services Center, Autumn Trombka will be working with Rick Rediske on the MDOT-funded stormwater project, Maggie Weinert is working with Bopi Biddanda on the Carbon Cycle in Muskegon Lake, and Alex Wieten will be working with both Mark Luttenton on community metabolism in headwater streams and the population ecology study of Asiatic clams in the Grand River, and Matt Cooper on wetlands studies.

Carson Prichard was awarded the Allen Hunting internship and will be working with Carl Ruetz conducting fieldwork in Muskegon Lake and River to assess lake sturgeon spawning success.  He also will be working with Ryan Thum on collecting data from water milfoil populations.

In addition, we have several students working as research assistants for the summer:

- Matt Altenritter is working with Carl Ruetz conducting fieldwork in Muskegon Lake and River to assess lake sturgeon spawning success.

-Tyler Armstrong, a graduate student intern from the Biostatistics department, is working on ecological niche modeling of invasive milfoil species using multivariate statistical and genetic algorithms for rule-set predictions (GARP) methods.

-James Barr and Paul Bourdon are working with Michael Chu conducting experiments on microtopography-controlled overland flow generation for the NSF CAREER project.

 -Amanda Callaghan is working with Janet Vail in the classroom and on the vessels.

-Catharina Cramer is working with Rick Rediske in the analytical lab.

- Jordan Fischer is returning to work in Al Steinman's lab, and will be processing invertebrate samples and assisting in the field on various projects.

-Tom Holcomb is working with Bopi Biddanda studying the composition and growth of cyanobacterial mats found in Lake Huron sinkholes.

-Karen Ickes is working with Matt Cooper sampling invertebrates and fish in coastal wetlands and processing invertebrate samples in the lab.

-Elliott Jagniecki is working for Ryan Thum on a microsatellite genotyping project of Daphnia (water fleas) and developing molecular markers to distinguish different species of water milfoils.

-Michael (Ben) Stacey is working with Ryan Thum and Carl Ruetz on using microsatellite markers to determine whether populations of invasive round gobies are genetically distinct among different pierheads along eastern Lake Michigan.

A special thanks to all of these bright, young researchers for their hard work and dedication!

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