AWRI Newsletter #64: May 2007

One of the joys of summer at AWRI is the presence of students working on a variety of projects. This summer, we welcome 16 students, both new and returning, to the Institute. These students are funded by a variety of sources and work with different principal investigators.

Four interns are being funded through the D.J. Angus-Scientech Educational Foundation, a long-time sponsor of student internships at AWRI:  three of them, Michael Baker, Jonathan Putney, and Matthew Tardiff will be working with Michael Chu on his National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to study the movement of water on the landscape, while Joe DeVol will be working with Janet Vail, in May and part of June, helping to develop curricula and also to teach students both in the classroom and on the vesselsJoe will assist Dr. Rick Rediske with projects for the rest of the summer.

Brent Kasza will be working with Rick Rediske on both the benthic invertebrates project on Muskegon Lake and in the analytical lab through the Herbert L. VanderMey internship.  Jonathan Vander Molen received the Allen Hunting internship and will be working for John Koches in the Information Services Center.

In addition, we have several students working as research assistants for the summer:  Steven Asiala, Michael Dilloway, and Alex Wieten will be working in the field with Don Uzarski's group on the non-point source and coastal wetlands projects; Amanda Callaghan will be working with Janet Vail in the classroom and on the vessels; Megan Cookingham and Betsy Shafer will be working with Carl Ruetz on the Consumers' Energy power plant project; Catharina Cramer will be working with Rick Rediske in the analytical lab; Jordan Fischer will be working with Al Steinman on the nonpoint source pollution, Little Black Lake assessment, and Muskegon Lake long-term monitoring projects; Samantha Stewart is a graduate student who will be working with John Koches on the Timberland delisting and mega model projects; and Eric Strickler will be working with Bopi Biddanda on the NSF Lake Huron sinkholes project.

For more information on these projects, we invite you to contact the Principal Investigators directly or visit our Web site at  We welcome these energetic, young scientists to AWRI, and express our gratitude to all our funders for making these research and teaching internship experiences a reality.

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