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York Creek Management Plan - Proposed Implementation Activities

6. Proposed Implementation Activities

A variety of tools can be utilized in the implementation of strategies to reach the stated goals of the project. These can be generally categorized as:

  • Technical Assistance Programs - in the form of literature, videos, workshops, etc. that can be shared with watershed residents and local agencies related to stormwater management, water quality, and stream restoration. Sources of this information include MDNR, USDA Soil Conservation Service, West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC), MSU Cooperative Extension Service, other watershed projects, local universities, and others.
  • Information/Education Programs - closely tied to the technical assistance program, but expanded to include a more broad-based public education program. Included in the expanded program are public meetings, speaking engagements, educational activities in conjunction with local schools, workshops, and a series of public service messages through a variety of media including newspaper, radio, a video documentary, and outdoor advertising.
  • Best Management Practices - including structural, vegetative, and managerial strategies. Among these are grade stabilization structures, instream sediment traps, bank stabilization methods, vegetative plantings and buffering, and expansion of interjurisdictional partnerships among local units of government and regulatory agencies.

The Guidebook of Best Management Practices for Michigan Watersheds, available through MDNR, should be consulted regarding standards and specifications prior to implementation of proposed Best Management Practices. Nearly all of the proposed structural and vegetative BMPs are located in critical areas. However, installation of these BMPs, particularly instream and bank stabilization efforts, should be completed only after methods have been introduced to control stormwater runoff and minimize its impact to the stream. These methods might be described through the completion of a stormwater management plan for the York Creek watershed.

As previously stated, it is believed that successful completion of the activities proposed in this plan will result in the achievement of the stated goal. That is, the reclamation of York Creek as a valuable natural resource, specifically its return to trout quality habitat. Although few if any projects of this nature mature from planning through implementation to evaluation without causing any environmental or social problems, no such problems are known at this time to be inherent in the contents of this plan.

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