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York Creek Management Plan - Participating Individuals and Agencies

2.2 Participating Individuals and Governmental Agencies

There exist a number of governmental and other agencies within the watershed, each of which contributes to the York Creek Watershed Project in a different way. Together with other professionals and watershed residents, the group comprises the York Creek Watershed Project Advisory Committee. Committee members involved with the project to date include the following:

Ed Tikkanen
Sharon Steffens
Janice Brechting
Alpine Charter Township

Beverly Rekeny
Plainfield Charter Township

Cathy VanderMeulen
Jim Hatch
City of Walker

Dave Kraker
Kent Co. Health Dept.

Wayne Harrall, P.E.
Kent Co. Road & Park Dept.

Roger Laninga
Dick Connell, P.E.
Kent Co. Drain Commission

Janice Tompkins
Michigan DNR-SWQD
Tom Cary
West Michigan Environmental Action Council

Steve Utic
Kent Co. Soil Conservation

Gary Jaarda
TrentonLee Corporation

Kathy Land
Land & Co.

John Koches
Annis Water Resources Institute GVSU

Judy McNally
Watershed Resident

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