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York Creek Management Plan - Acknowledgements

Production of this document was made possible through the assistance and information provided by the following people and organizations. I extend my sincere thanks to each of them:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provided support for this research through Section 319 of the Clean Water Act.

Grand Valley State University supported the project from its inception, including financial assistance provided under the Grand River Watershed Program funded by The Grand Rapids Foundation, technical support, laboratory facilities, student assistants, and overall direction and guidance. Special thanks to Water Resources Institute Director Ron Ward, John Koches, Kurt Thompson, Avi Joshi, Brian Keeley, and Tom Long. Rod Denning conducted the geographic information systems analysis and generated all associated map products.

Alpine Charter Township provided much through information, financial support, and meeting facilities. Past supervisor Ed Tikkanen and current supervisor Sharon Steffens were invaluable to the administration of the project.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources staff contributed greatly to the study through access to information, technical assistance, advice, and the loan of hydrologic and water quality monitoring equipment. Sincere thanks to Janice Tompkins, Amy Peterson, John Suppnick, Jerry Fulcher, Ric Sorrell, and Dan Feldpausch.

Members of the York Creek Advisory Committee provided technical assistance, advice, information, and much support.

Text of the report was written solely by the project manager who accepts responsibility for its contents. The many suggestions provided by reviewers of this report, especially Stephanie Tuttle and Tonya Cnossen, are appreciated.

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