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Bear Creek Stewardship Plan - Drains within the Bear Creek Watershed

Three established Kent County drains are located in the Cannon Township portion of the watershed. One is located in the village of Cannonsburg, another at the north end of Bostwick Lake (attached to the lake), and the third, at an unnamed tributary in Section 30 near the Chauncey Mill.

Other established drains within the watershed include those in the vicinity of Parnell, particularly around the east side of Ratigan Lake. Since the volume of water flowing through these drains is minimal, no negative impact on overall water quality is suspected.

Many other Kent County Road Commission drains dot the watershed. Generally these are in the form of ditches, culverts or storm drains. Road Commission drains are created to manage stormwater runoff from county roads (See Figure 10).

This drainage system completes the water flow pattern in the watershed.

Figure 10.

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