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2009 AWRI Summer Student Interns

Students pictured back row left to right (Alex Wieten, Anne Santa Maria, and Aaron Ferguson), front row left to right (Autumn Trombka, Maggie Weinert, Kaitlyn Driza, and Anusha Sunkara). Student not pictured: Elizabeth LaRue.

One of the joys of summer at AWRI is the presence of students working on a variety of projects. This summer, we welcome 8 students, both new and returning, to the Institute. These students are funded by a variety of sources and work with different principal investigators.

Four interns are being funded through the D.J. Angus-Scientech Educational Foundation, a long-time sponsor of student internships at AWRI: Anne Santa Maria will be working with John Koches in the Information Services Center, Autumn Trombka will be working with Rick Rediske on the measurement of aromatic hydrocarbons and oils in the stormwater samples for the MDOT project and PCBs in fish from west Michigan streams; Anusha Sunkara will be working with Jim McNair applying statistical methods to seed-germination data for Japanese knotweed populations in riparian forests of Philadelphia; and Alex Wieten with Carl Ruetz helping Matt Altenritter, a graduate student, on a project assessing the population status of lake sturgeon.

Elizabeth LaRue will be working with Ryan Thum on genetic tools to study population structures in round gobies in Lake Michigan. Her internship is funded by GVSU’s Summer Student Scholarship. Aaron Ferguson will be working with John Koches in the ISC; Kaitlyn Driza will be working with Bopi Biddanda on making simultaneous measurements of both production and respiration of carbon this summer in Lake Michigan; and Maggie Weinert will be working with Al Steinman.

A special thanks to all of these bright, young researchers for their hard work and dedication!

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