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Development of Numerical Targets for the Delisting of Beneficial Use Impairments in the Muskegon Lake and White Lake Areas of Concern


EPA Report White Lake Targets
IAGLR Delisting Presentation Muskegon Lake Targets

Project Description:

The Annis Water Resources Institute (AWRI) at Grand Valley State University worked with the Muskegon Lake and White Lake Public Advisory Councils to develop numerical targets for the delisting of the following Beneficial Use Impairments (BUIs) in the Muskegon Lake and White Lake Areas of Concern:

Muskegon Lake White Lake
Eutrophication and Undesirable Algae Eutrophication and Undesirable Algae
Degradation of Aesthetics Degradation of Aesthetics
Restrictions on Fish and Wildlife Consumption Restrictions on Fish and Wildlife Consumption
Degradation of Benthos Degradation of Benthos
Beach closings Restrictions on Drinking Water Consumption

An initial review of all BUIs was conducted in the fall of 2004 to determine if sufficient information and guidance were present to establish delisting targets. Based on this review, the BUIs listed above were selected for target development early in 2005. Site-specific considerations, historical data, peer reviewed literature, available guidance documentation from state and federal agencies, the target setting process used at other AOCs, and public comment were used to develop the targets for each BUI. Preliminary targets were developed and consensus was obtained by each PAC for the initial version. The preliminary targets then were presented in two public meetings for each AOC and any comments or concerns were discussed. The results of the public meetings were reviewed during subsequent PAC meetings and appropriate revisions were made. The preliminary targets then were sent to scientists for peer review and comment during the summer and fall of 2005. After the peer review comments were obtained, the targets were revised and presented in final form for the PACs for approval by vote. A consensus vote was obtained for all targets by both PACs by the summer of 2006. In January 2006, the MDEQ issued their guidance for the development of delisting targets and conducted a staff level review of targets proposed by the PACs in October 2006. The Muskegon Lake PAC agreed to incorporate the MDEQ comments in their targets and approved a final set of revised targets in November 2006. The Muskegon Lake targets were approved by the MDEQ in 2007. The White Lake targets are currently under review by the MDEQ.

Muskegon Lake in the 1940s

Muskegon Lake in the 1940s

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