INtegrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services Tool (INVEST) - Contacts

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Principal Investigator:
Dr. Alan Steinman
Annis Water Resources Institute
(616) 331-3749

Environmental & Resource Economics:
Dr. Paul Isely
Seidman College of Business
(616) 331-7418

Dr. Saichon Seedang
MSU Institute for Water Research
(517) 432-7582

Kenneth Mulder
Kellogg Biological Station


Pictured from left to right:
Alan Steinman,
Saichon Seedang,
Lauren Hudson (Undergraduate Independent Study),
Elvira Yaparova (Graduate Assistant),
Kurt Thompson,
Paul Isely,
Kenneth Mulder
Elaine Sterrett Isely (seated)


Geographic Information Systems:
Kurt Thompson
Annis Water Resources Institute
(616) 331-3091

Project Partners:
John Cleveland
IRN, Inc.

Greg Northrup and Katie Kahl
West Michigan Strategic Alliance


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