A Closer Look
September Newsletter #89

AWRI Staff

Undergraduate Biology Students who interned at AWRI

In the biological sciences, mutualism is defined as a symbiotic relationship in which both participants benefit; this is certainly true for the interaction between AWRI and the Biology Department at GVSU. The two units have interacted since AWRI was established. Dr. Ron Ward, the first director of AWRI, was a faculty member in the Biology Department before assuming his position at AWRI. Since then, numerous AWRI and Biology Department faculty have collaborated on an array of projects. Collectively, the number of aquatic scientists and the range of expertise they offer is extraordinary and makes GVSU unique among most state and regional institutions.

Collaboration between AWRI and the Biology Department extends beyond research through the educational mission of GVSU. The AWRI vessels and facilities have long been an integral part of several courses offered by Biology Department faculty. More recently, AWRI faculty have assumed greater educational duties, and now contribute significantly to undergraduate and graduate education. At the graduate level, this collaboration provides a unique educational experience and students pursuing an emphasis in aquatic sciences account for a significant portion of all students enrolled in the program.

The collaborative educational and research programs in aquatic sciences at GVSU builds on the complement of faculty expertise, modern facilities, and the unique aquatic ecosystems of the region. As water-related issues gain greater local, regional, national, and international attention, GVSU will assume a significant role in the future of critical aquatic resources.

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