Grand Valley State University Women's Center

Niara Mentoring Program


"One with High Purpose" Swahili

The Niara Program is a mentoring program to help women students of color connect and build meaningful relationships with professional staff and faculty of color in order to strengthen connections to the campus community, the community at large, and to enhance their college experience. 

Niara acknowledges and celebrates multiple identities, engages participants through skill building workshops focusing on achievement of personal and professional goals, provide service learning opportunities, offer leadership experience, and create an open space for encouraging personal growth through dialogue and support.

Our once a month meetings include topics such as career guidance, networking, leadership development, racial and gender expectations and goal setting, service learning and social activities with other mentor programs for students of color such as Black Male Scholar Initiative and Hermanos.  Each participant will be paired with a GVSU faculty/staff women of color and create an individual plan to meet the student's needs.  There is also the opportunity to engage in peer mentoring and leadership opportunities. 

Art Prize Field Trip

Art Prize Field Trip

Annual Holiday Celebration

 Hispanic Center Community Clean Up

Interested in joining Niara?  Interested in being a mentor?

Contact Bianca Ortiz, Women's Center Graduate Assistant at or call (616) 331-2748

Below is our Winter 2014 information where you can meet the mentors and take the first steps toward making positive connections on campus.

January 9: Thursday @ 3pm, Financial Literacy Presentation with Black Male Scholars Initiative and Hermanos (2266 Kirkhof Center)

February 20: Thursday @ 3pm, Stress Management Workshop from the Health and Wellness Center  (2266 Kirkhof center)

February 21st: Friday from 4:30-5:30pm in the Dance Studio in the Rec Center- Zumba Session

March 13th: Thursday @ 3pm, The power of storytelling (2266 Kirkhof center)

March 22nd: Saturday @ 7am, Chicago Museum of Mexican Art and the Puerto Rican Museum of Art (must be registered)

April 3rd: Thursday @ 5:30-7pm, End of the year reception, Alumni House



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