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Student Staff Spotlight: T Stastny

Written by Katie Mehrer

T Stastny is a senior Creative Writing major at GVSU, and a current student worker at the Women's Center. T started her near two year history of involvement with the Women’s Center her sophomore year as a member of the Women’s Issues Volunteer Corps. She found her way to the WIVC while searching for a way to branch out on campus, and become involved in things she was more interested in and passionate about. As a person particularly interested in LGBT+ and gender issues, T found a place within the Women’s Center as well as the LGBT Resource Center. In her following year on campus, she worked as an intern at the Women’s Center for a semester, helping with the fundraising event Indulge. During the following summer T became a member of the front desk staff, a position she still holds. T explains that the reason she has chosen to continually work with the Women’s Center is because "the people are all really friendly and I know them, so I feel comfortable here, and some of the work I do here I feel is important."

Some of the important work T has done at the WC includes helping to rewrite the information sheets available at the Women's Center. These sheets are a helpful resource to students who are uncertain of where to start looking for information on subjects such as sexual assault, and may not yet feel comfortable asking someone questions. T, as a Creative Writing major, says that she enjoys the opportunities she has to write at work. Furthermore, she says that one of the programs she particularly likes and is interested in at the Women’s Center is the journal, Intersectionality: A Collection of Diverse Lived Experiences.

Outside of the Women's Center, T has also worked at the LGBT Network of Grand Rapids, and helped to smooth their transition to a new director. Her class work has included many gender studies classes, as well as the Women’s Community Collaborative. In her free time, T enjoys working on her art, and is hoping to submit a piece to the annual Call for Art the Women’s center puts on. Within the last year, T began dancing as a form of stress relief and as a chance to learn a new art form. T says, “I can’t really express myself very well in speech, so I turn to things like drawing, dancing, or writing.” She is currently a member of GVSU’s Dance Troupe.

The Women’s Center thanks T for all of her hard work and dedication as a student staff member!


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