Grand Valley State University Women's Center

Mascupathy - Randy Flood of the Mens Resource Center of West Mi

Date: March 28, 2014
Time: 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 a.m.
Location: Holland Meijer Campus - RM 102

Mascupathy is a mental heath condition, a pathology of masculinity, an imbalance in personality stemming from a socialized exaggeration of genetic masculine traits: aggression and invulnerability, and only a minimal expression of inherent feminine characteristics of openness and sensitivity. The symptoms of Mascupathy, inadequate self-awareness and governance; emotional numbness and instability and relational ineptness and withdrawal, result in poor or failed intimate partnerships and parenting, excessive competition and one-upmanship, and in the extreme, violence against women and other men.

Randy Flood, Director/Co-founder Men's Resource Center of West Michigan will share his research, knowledge and expertise on Mascupathy - What it is!  How it impacts men, women and their relationships! and Treatment approaches to addressing males with MPD!

Grand Valley State University School of Social Work is an approved provider with the Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Collaborataive-Provider MICEC-0004. This program is approved for 1.5 CEU's.  Available at the door for $15.

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