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Frequently Asked Questions about the GVSU Women's Center

What does the Women's Center do?

The Women's Center is dedicated to creating meaningful learning about women and gender and to advocate for gender justice through the education, engagement, and empowerment of women students and the greater GVSU community. Our Center aims to make a difference on campus by offering educational events; resources and support for students, faculty, and staff; service, leadership, and activism opportunities; and a safe physical space that is open to all. In addition, we have a lending library with information on diverse subjects as well as knowledgeable and approachable staff who are available to provide information on a variety of topics related to gender. The Women's Center houses a Violence Advocate who engages in sexual violence prevention and response work.

What resources do you offer?

The Women's Center staff and student workers strive to be knowledgeable about campus and community resources. We can help you navigate the resources available to you on campus or in the surrounding area. We are dedicated to providing students with support and resources; on campus, we work collaboratively with the University Counseling Center, the Division of Inclusion & Equity, the office of Public Safety and the Dean of Students and many other offices across campus.

We also offer support and many resources within the Women's Center, such as the Student Food Pantry, the Non-Traditional Student Scholarship, and personal advising.

I'm interested in finding out more about a specific program. Where can I find the details?

Please check out program details on this website or stop by the office (1201 Kirkhof Center, Allendale campus) to learn more. You may also give us a call at 616-331-2748 or send an e-mail to

Do you have a schedule with all your programs?

Our website is regularly updated with program information and you can view our upcoming events calendar. You may also check the campus-wide events calendar by clicking here.

Can I get counseling at the Women's Center?

The Women's Center does not provide counseling, however we can get you connected to the University Counseling Center and other off campus services. Outside of counseling, we provide personal advising and help determining next steps.

Can I get a job at the Women's Center?

The Women's Center front office is staffed by GVSU students. You are welcome to come in and fill out an application to be considered for employment in the Women's Center.

Positions are usually determined late spring and the interview process takes place at that time for the upcoming academic year. It is possible, however, that we may need to fill a spot throughout the school year. Check the University Student Job board for job postings.

How do I check out books from the resource library?

The Women's Center Resource Library functions as an extension of the University Library. You may come to our office to check out materials. All policies and procedures for using our library are similar to the larger University Library system.

Is there a computer I can use in the The Women's Center?

Absolutely! There is a computer located in the library section, that is available for any student to use. We hope the Women's Center will be a comfortable space for you to study, work, or just relax.

I would like to volunteer for the Women's Center. How do I get connected?

The Women's Center is always looking for students interested in supporting our mission of gender justice. Service learning opportunities are available to anyone, including faculty and staff. Whether you are seeking short term opportunities on campus or are interested in an Agency Placement, we would love to work with you! Find out more by visiting the Activate information on our website.

Who is allowed in the Women's Center?

Everyone is welcome in the Women's Center! All people may utilize our resources, attend our programs, and enjoy our space. Children and parents, community members, all students, faculty and staff; everyone of all gender identities are welcome!

Why isn't there a Men's Center on campus?

Historically Women's Centers have arisen out of inequalities in Higher Education. The GVSU Women's Center was formed by a taskforce of women faculty, staff and students who felt that women's needs could be further met by the University through the creation of a Women's Center that would provide education, discussion and action on issues of gender equity.

Men and issues of masculinity are integral to the mission of the GVSU Women's Center. As a result, we welcome men to engage with our Men in Action initiative.

On what topics does the Women's Center offer information?

Through our broad mission of gender justice, we offer information and programs on a wide array of topics with a corresponding resource library. Our work is rooted in Intersectionality and we strive to offer relevant and timely information and programming. Some topics we regularly address include sexual violence prevention and awareness, body image, parenting, eating disorders, masculinities, food justice, and social change.

Please see our list of Annual Programs and Service, Leadership, and Activism opportunities for details. If there is a subject you feel we should address, we always welcome suggestions.